Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family Time

My mommy and daddy are here visiting!!!!!! We are having so much fun! My kids are having a blast hanging out with gramma and grampa. It warms my heart to see my youngest daughter, Grace, sitting on gramma's lap with her arms wrapped around gramma's neck. A few short years ago, Grace was not very friendly. Now she can't get enough! Josh and Caleb got to play catch with my dad. Rebekkah, Sarah and I got to shop with my mom. We didn't buy anything but it was a wonderful girl-bonding time!

My husband is able to show them a video of his trip to Bangledesh and India. It was almost 2 years ago now (which tells you a little about how often my parents and I get together) and Andrew is excited about sharing it with them finally.

The relationship with my mom and dad hasn't always been that great. A little while ago, a visit like this would not have been possible. But because of a work of the Holy Spirit, it is now possible. I praise the Lord for how He has "restored the years the locust have eaten".

I can testify to the amazing restoritive power of the Holy Spirit in relationships that seem like lost causes. For anyone in a difficult situations with loved ones? God can change things!! He will change things! And he loves getting the credit for it!!!!!

So thank you, my God and Father for your mercy and grace in this situation. My you receive all the glory and honor for giving me back my mom and dad...